Company activities

TUBAU, a.s. specialises in executing projects of underground constructions and civil engineering structures and provides complete range of works in special foundation area. The company has available complex machinery and technological equipment, skilled and professional team of people from managerial to worker professions.

The range of works in underground constructions includes:

Tunnelling, reconstructions and concreting for

underground road structures – road tunnels

  • railway tunnels
  • undergrounds
  • hydro-energetic tunnels
  • subways
  • water-engineering structures
  • exploration and escape galleries

large-capacity underground structures

  • underground warehouses
  • garages
  • containers

The range of works in civil-engineering structures includes:

New buildings and reconstructions of water-engineering structures

  • by excavation technology
  • by technology not requiring excavation

The range of works for special foundations of civil and structural engineering structures covers the following progressive technologies:

Underground walls construction

  • diaphragm walls precast/monolithic
  • diaphragm pile wall structural/cut-off
  • diaphragm cut-off walls
  • grouted cut-off walls
  • sheet piles – permanent and temporal

Drilling and grouting

  • rock anchors – cable/rod
  • grouted micropiles
  • grouted nails – sheeting with shotcrete
  • grouted boreholes – sealing walls, subbase stabilisation
  • jet grouting
  • horizontal drainage boreholes

Pile foundations

  • small-diameter piles
  • large-diameter piles
  • CFA piles

Company produces

  • cable anchors
  • nails
  • reinforced cages
  • micropiles
  • vice products